3 Keys To Successfully Keeping Koi Fish – For Beginners

keeping koi fish

If you want to know how to raise koi so that they can achieve good results, here’s what to do about keeping koi fish :

1. Building the Good Pond

The pond is where koi live. Of course, it must be made in such a way so that the koi feel comfortable and can live healthy there. Building a pool should not be arbitrary or careless, if you want to get satisfactory results. How do you build a good koi pond?

If you are a beginner hobbyist, it is advisable to seek information before building a koi pond. Do not let problems occur in the future because you are wrong in building a koi pond. Koi ponds should be built with a good and correct filter system. If you don’t want to be bothered, just leave it to the experts. But don’t choose the wrong builder or contractor to build a pond.

2. Take care of ponds and koi

If the pond has been built properly, then another important thing is how to take care of the pond and koi. Artificial ponds of course need maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Likewise in caring for koi, including how to feed, determine population size, handle newly arrived koi, care for koi that are sick, how to spawn koi etc. Therefore, of course, you must have knowledge about koi diseases and the necessary medicines. So that by doing so, you can minimize the mortality rate of koi with disease.

3. Knowing the Quality of Koi

If you have started thinking about maintaining quality koi, then of course you need knowledge about how to assess koi quality (appreciation). So that you are able to assess the quality of koi, read more information about the quality of koi, also actively visit various koi contest events. In this way, it will be able to open your horizons as a provision to assess the quality of the koi that you will buy. In addition, you can also join the koi lover community, both off line and off line, to exchange experiences in choosing the quality of koi.

Maintain good quality koi or not, it’s the same, Koi requires the same amount of feed and care. Therefore, it is better to keep a little koi but quality. This is in order to improve maintenance cost efficiency and to achieve maximum results.

If you are able to do the 3 (three) things above properly, you will undoubtedly be successful in keeping koi fish.


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