How Many Koi Should You Have In your Pond?

About Population of Koi

It’s better to keep Koi in a small population while keeping a high quality maintenance of them.
It requires costs to keep the., i.e the cost of feed and medicine and we also need time for pond maintenance. To be more effective and efficient, you don’t have to keep a lot of Koi at a time, especially if you have minimalist style pond that isn’t too large.

In connection with this, of course the question will arise, “What is the ideal number of koi to be kept?”

When the number of koi being kept (Koi population) is too many, it will burden the filter performance of the pond, and it can also disrupt the growth rate of Koi.

To find out the ideal number of Koi in your pond, the following formula can be used:

( L x W)/S/150

To facilitate calculations, you can use the following applications:

Formula Application
(Depth data is not taken into account)

Pond Area and Depth

What about the width and depth of the koi pond? Ideally, a Koi pond area has ​​at least 6 m2 with a depth of 1.2 meters. Related to the average length of the koi in the pond, the length of the pond should be at least 5 times the length of the Koi. The wider the pond, the more comfortable it will be for the koi.

A pond that’s too deep isn’t so good for a young Koi’s health, because the deeper the pool water, the greater the pressure in the water. This can irritate a young Koi’s small blood vessels and swim bladder. Instead, the large depth of the pond is one factor that is very necessary and will be useful for enlargement ponds that is meant to maintain Koi to become large (jumbo).

Formula 9

Here I have a formula or formulas, related to the number 9. Why the number 9?
Because for some people who believe in Feng Shui, the number 9 is considered a hokki (fortune) number, including maintaining Koi.

The number of Koi as much as 9 tails is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

To get the number of Koi 9 tails, it can be seen in the following Formula 9 table:

Always remember the saying, “A clever hobbyist will keep little but quality koi.”

Hopefully this will be useful.

Doni Bastian

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