Window Glass Pond

What is meant by window glass pond here is not an aquarium where all the walls are made of glass, but a pond where only some part of the wall uses transparent materials such as Acrylic or glass.

There’s not just a few Koi keepers who are interested in building glass pond walls with various considerations, for example to make it look unique and Koi can be visible from the side of the pond.

Maybe you never thought that the glass pond walls could very useful, especially to monitor the physical condition of the koi being kept.
Why do their physical conditions have to be observed frequently?  Of course, this is related to monitoring their health condition. The Koi stricken with disease will show symptoms or physical changes. It’s usually indicated by a reddish color on the skin, or they appear to have sores on the scales, tail, fins, mouth, gill covers or other parts of the body.

If the signs of a diseased Koi appear on top of their body, then you might spot them without problem. But if the signs of their pain are on the side of their body or sometimes even in the lower part (stomach), then you won’t be able to tell easily.

If the signs of a sick Koi isn’t caught immediately, the wounds will widen and spread all over the body, even destroying the meat to the bone. The more severe the disease is, the more difficult it will be to cure.

Therefore, it is recommended that you occasionally observe the koi body parts, especially on the sides and bottom. The goal is to find out as early as possible if the Koi seems to have a disease.

That’s why, the use of transparent materials in fish ponds is highly recommended, especially in the process of quarantine. Therefore, it is better to use an aquarium container for easier observation of the sick Koi that is being treated.

Monitoring Koi’s physical features couldn’t be done so easily, since you certainly have to lift Koi one by one to examine all of them. However, if part of the pool wall is made of glass, you’re able to monitor physical condition of the fish at any time.

Although there are benefits, glass ponds also carry several risks, including:

1. Glass Thickness
The thickness of the glass used must be calculated carefully, because glass is a material that breaks easily. Also depending on the amount of pool water volume, the greater the volume of water, of course, you have to use a thicker glass.

We recommend that you do not use a long glass as the pool wall since it is very risky to break due to the large volume of pool water, unless the sufficient thickness of glass is used.

2. Leaking
Another risk is the potential of water leakage, especially at the joints that are attached to the concrete wall. If you are interested in using glass as a pool wall, then it’s advised to consult with the experts, involving craftsmen who have enough experience to reduce greater risks.

3. Moss
For ponds  that are outside the house (outdoor ponds), due to the high intensity of sunlight it will accelerate the risk of moss growth. This will disturb the view and destroy the aesthetics. Also, if there’s too much moss in the pond, it will be more difficult to clean. Therefore, it’s advised to clean and maintain the pond regularly to keep the moss away.

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